Litter Spreaders

In addition to our lime and fertilizer spreaders. Warren also has a complete line of letter spreaders. Our litter spreaders are manufactured right in the middle of poultry county in Collins, MS. Warren strives to keep our line of spreaders up to date using the most modern fabrication and welding machinery and techniques. All of our spreaders are available in both stainless or carbon steel construction. Perhaps you have trouble getting a wetter litter to spread well in your current spreader? Check out our 60 degree side sloped litter spreader models that help these stickier/wetter materials flow through the spreader better. Whether you are looking for a truck mounted spreader or a pull type litter spreader, Warren has the answer.

Why Choose a Warren Litter Spreader?

Warren has numerous standard features than many of our competitor up charge for. The Warren litter spreader comes standard with 30″ spinner disc. Poly floor liners are also standard helping extend the life of your floor chain. Warren takes pride in our work. We use modern fabrication equipment as well as state of the art welding equipment in order to provide our customers high quality products. So, get in touch with our sales team today and we will help you specific out the perfect litter spreader for your job!