Warren GS-87 Spreader of the Month

This month’s spreader of the month was installed by Warren Truck & Trailer, Inc. in Birmingham, AL.  This dump body and spreader combination a perfect fit for most municipalities.  In fact, this truck was purchased by an Alabama county.  Because, Warren WXL series dump bodies feature AR-450 steel construction, they have longer lifespans than dump bodies manufactured using plain mild steel.  This particular dump body is a 10′ WXL with a 3/16″ AR-450 floor and 10 GA mild steel balance. In addition, adding a Warren gravity tailgate spreader further improves the functionality of this truck.  The pictured GS-87 spreader fits perfectly in the Warren dump body because the dump body has an inside width of 7′ 3″ (87″).

About Warren GS Spreaders

Warren GS series tailgate spreaders are available in two sizes.  Designed to fit 84″ and 87″ dump body inside widths.  And, these tailgate spreaders are also built to accommodate multiple tailgate heights.  Warren gravity tailgate spreaders are built with 8 sections.  Each section is 1′ wide so that the spreading width can be adjusted in easy 1′ increments.  Simply remove the the pin from the master rod to unlock each gate section.

Warren tailgate replacement spreaders are painted Omaha orange as standard.  However, custom paint colors are available as well.

So, contact your local Warren sales representative to learn more about our GS series tailgate spreaders.  We will be happy to assist you in specifying the correct tailgate spreader for your current dump body.  Or, we can help specify and quote you a Warren dump body and spreader combination package.

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Featured Spreader of the Month

18 ft Litter Spreader – FOR SALE

18 ft litter spreader

This month’s featured Spreader of the Month is an 18 ft litter spreader. This spreader is currently located in Talco, TX, and is ready for immediate delivery or pickup. We are offering SPECIAL spring pricing on this great unit just in time for your busy season!

This pull-type litter spreader has 24” spinners, an inverted “V” inside the body, and a 667 #4 Pintle Chain (bar every 4th Link). This 18 ft litter spreader has 14.4 cubic yard capacity and 54” height. The sides are constructed from 10 ga steel, while the pan is 7 ga steel. The conveyer is our standard width, 34” for optimum material unloading. This unit has a hand crank to raise and lower the gate.

This month’s featured unit has a Tandem Walking Beam Suspension and  19.5L x 16.1 Flotation tires. The PTO drive line is 1000 RPM and the unit has a 35 gallon steel hydraulic tank.

For more information about this great unit, contact Chris at 888-734-4400 or 903-379-3921.

Visit our Texas location’s website at truckandtrailer.com for more information about the facility and our full line of products!

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Warren LS and LF Spreaders

Litter Spreader Trucks for Sale


Warren has several litter spreader trucks for sale in our various locations. It is prime season to invest in a new litter truck for your farm or operation! We know how difficult it can be to find a good, used truck, so we’ve taken that hassle out of the equation for you. All of the units below are mounted and ready for immediate delivery or pick up! Below you will find links to flyers on several available litter spreader trucks for sale with information on their location, truck spec, and spreader spec. There is also contact information for our sales rep, Drew, in Birmingham, AL.



Warren 2015 LS-3420 18′ 2


FREIGH 2015 WARREN LF2420-11′

Our standard spreaders are very heavy duty, offering features that our competitors would consider as “optional” as our standard equipment. We have 30” spinners, a heavy duty chain, poly floor liner, and a dual pump just to name a few of our excellent standard features.

We have both gas and diesel units available, as well as 16′ and 18′ spreaders. If you do not see the exact fit for you, we would love to build a spreader to your specifications. We offer our truck mounted units, as well as trailer/pull-type units built to meet your needs. All you have to do is call one of our dedicated sales reps to find out more information and ask for a quote. Contact them at 800-228-4842 or 800-900-2545 for a quote today!

We also keep all of our current spreader inventory on TractorHouse. Be sure to check their page frequently for all Warren inventory updates.

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