This month’s spreader of the month is a Warren LST-3420-20, a 20 ft litter spreader. This spreader was shipped this week to one of our great customers in Washington. This customer already has, and will continue to utilize, one of our 14 ft litter spreaders.

Due to large growth, they were ready to purchase this 20 ft litter spreader to add to their equipment.

The customer grows for both Amway and Gaia Herbs and our litter spreaders will help them keep their botanicals properly fertilized!  We are very excited to be part of their success and expansion!

No matter the size of the farm or project, our LST-3420 can be tailored to fit your specific needs. With sizes ranging from 14′ to 24′, our litter spreaders can be used for any job to spread chicken litter, sawdust, shavings, compost, rice hulls, or other organic material.

20 ft litter spreader

Our LST-3420 spreaders come standard with the following specifications:

  • Welded in bed type jigs and fixtures for accurate fit & alignment
  • 10 gauge sides/sills form the hopper sides in one piece with no horizontal seam corrosion pocket
  • Sides/Sills and 10 gauage end gates have inverted “J” formed top edge for extra strength without corrosion pockets
  • Full slope 10 gauge trapezoidal side supports are located at each cross sill and hold sides at a 45 degree angle
  • “Tapered-in” front and rear for better material seal and reduced power requirement
  • 7 gauge (3/16″) steel conveyor bottom with angle type support stiffeners
  • 12 gauge skid resistant surface catwalks serve as fenders with mud flaps

For more information about our litter spreaders, or other spreader models,
please call us today at 800.228.4842!